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2.2.3 Simple Femlisp installation

Since Femlisp is available from the Quicklisp repository, installation is as easy as starting SBCL and entering at the SBCL prompt:

 (ql:quickload :femlisp)  ; for installing/loading Femlisp
 (fl.demo:femlisp-demo)   ; for running the demos

If you are lucky, even the graphics will already work at this point which you may check with the help of the demos. If not, the following subsection (Graphic programs) explains how to install suitable external graphic programs, and the next subsection (Additional numerical software) explains how to install some additional numerical software. Finally, the last subsection (Advanced Femlisp installation) explains how to obtain a copy of Femlisp independent from Quicklisp and how to create a stand-alone Femlisp executable.