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3.5 Deal.II Tutorials

I have ported some tutorial steps from the well-known and widely used FE software package deal.II (see deal.II Homepage) to FEMLISP. These are very well worked out and can be started by loading them first with

(asdf:make :dealii-tutorial)
(in-package :fl.dealii)

(or something like ’,l<enter>dealii<tab><enter>’ in the SLIME buffer).

Then you have two options:

The first option is to ensure that your default directory is the dealii-tutorial directory, which you can do executing

(setf *default-pathname-defaults*

in your REPL. After that you can start the tutorial interactively with

(process-tutorial-file :step-1)

where ‘step-1’ can be replaced by ‘step-X’, for other X of course.

The second option is avoiding process-tutorial-file and looking at the tutorial files directly. This has the advantage that the actual code is syntax-highlighted and also indented in a better way compared with the output of process-tutorial-file which simply uses the Common Lisp pretty-print functionality. These tutorial files can be found in the directory femlisp/src/application/courses/dealii-tutorial and have the names "step-X.lisp" where X is some number. If you open any of these files in Emacs you can also set the package and the directory of the SLIME repl easily by typing ‘C-c ~’ (slime-sync-package-and-default-directory) in the "step-X.lisp" buffer. Then you can go through the file at your own discretion and evaluate any form you wish by positioning your cursor after it and pressing "C-x C-e" (slime-eval-last-expression).