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6.4 Problems FAQ

  1. Q: How can I solve nonlinear problems?

    A: See the files src/applications/cdr/bratu.lisp and src/applications/navier-stokes/driven-cavity.lisp for examples how to solve nonlinear pdes by a Newton iteration and multigrid.

  2. Q: How can I solve time-dependent problems?

    A: This is work in progress. At the moment, you have still to set up your time-stepping scheme yourself by assembling a delta-t dependent term in matrix and right-hand side.

  3. Can Femlisp handle coupled problems?

    A: Yes. This is done by marking parts of a domain and specifying problems depending on this mark.

  4. Q: Can Femlisp solve my specific problem?

    A: Please ask on the femlisp-user mailing list for help. You will have to subscribe for doing so (spam protection).