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Although Quicklisp updates its repositories monthly, and therefore will usually provide a sufficiently recent version of Femlisp, it can be useful to obtain the bleeding edge version by cloning the Femlisp git repository directly.

This can be done in the following way:

cd quicklisp/local-projects
git clone git://

The result of this command should be a directory called “femlisp” which is located in quicklisp/local-projects.




If you should choose another directory for downloading FEMLISP, you will have to ensure that Quicklisp can find the necessary system definitions. This can be achieved by appending the following lines to the initialization file of your CL implementation (~/.sbclrc for SBCL), after the lines for Quicklisp initialization:

;; registering Femlisp systems (change path below!)
(let ((femlisp-init "path-to-femlisp-directory/systems"))
  (when (probe-file femlisp-init)
    (push femlisp-init
          (symbol-value (intern "*CENTRAL-REGISTRY*" (find-package :asdf))))))