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Move into the FEMLISP directory and issue the command

make femlisp

This will compile FEMLISP and save a suitable core in the “bin” subdirectory.





If you should encounter the problem that you have a version of ASDF which is too old (which may happen if your CL implementation is too old), you can get around this problem in two ways:

  1. First, by installing a newer CL implementation (see SBCL installation)
  2. Second, by installing a recent version of ASDF. This can be done, by issuing in the directory femlisp/external the command
    make asdf

    and adding the following line to your CL initialization file (.sbclrc for SBCL):

    #-asdf3.1 (load "path-to-femlisp-directory/external/asdf/build/asdf.lisp")


If you want to use FEMLISP for communicating with MPI processes, you may use make femlisp-ddo instead of make femlisp. However, since this will make the build process depend also on MPI, and also increase the size of the resulting executable considerably, you should do this only if you really need it.